Outsourcing to Cloud Hosting Providers

It has recently been announced that cloud computing is to revolutionise the infrastructure within companies around the world due to the fact that an increasing number of businesses are spending their outsourcing budget on purchasing managed hosting services.

The simple fact of the matter is, this enables corporations to reduce the number of people in the business, thus saving a large amount of funds from their budgets. Gartner Inc., amongst others, have carried out research and published figures regarding the trend of cloud hosting services in the IT outsourcing market.

It was announced on August 7th 2012 that out of a total cost of $251.7 billion relating to IT outsourcing, managed cloud hosting services were the fastest-growing segment.

Reasons Behind This

So, why are cloud services booming so much?

Well, to start with, as aforementioned, they can assist companies in downsizing as the applications are handled by the cloud hosting providers. Cloud providers, such as Virtual Internet, will be responsible for maintaining and repairing applications which means the company that is using them will have no need to hire any extra staff to look after the applications.

Additionally, cloud computing services are available for instant integration into a company’s infrastructure. The company in question will only have to subscribe to the service and it will then be able to access them from any PC with an internet connection. Again, this is a massive time-saver!

Further Findings

Furthermore, cloud services are highly scalable. The company making use of them will be able to inform their particular provider to increase the capabilities and functionalities of the services, or conversely, decrease them if needs be. Adding more processing power is no trouble at all for cloud hosting providers whilst everything can be done instantly and dynamically, resulting in absolutely no downtime.

It must also be noted that there are a huge amount of other benefits to cloud hosting that is ultimately seeing corporations, both little and large, adopt the cloud hosting phenomenon. In terms of IT outsourcing, cloud hosting is likely to become the leading division.

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