Study Reveals Lack of Cloud Knowledge

A study conducted in multiple countries around the world by blueocean has found that consumer awareness and understanding of cloud computing is still really rather minimal. Corporations still remain as most likely to adopt cloud hosting.

Cloud Awareness

Dr Kumar Mehta, CEO of blueocean, has been commenting on the study that was carried out in the United States, Germany and India: “We were surprised to know that although adoption levels of cloud computing services, such as email, social networking and internet telephony is over 80% today, most users do not see these as cloud computing services. Awareness levels of the term ‘cloud computing’ were lower than expected at around 60% in the United States and Germany and only 40% in India.”

Main Concerns

He went on to add the following: “Based on our comprehensive study covering individuals from India, America and Germany, we were able to identify three concerns which included security, privacy and ease of use.”

The survey rather interestingly revealed the security and privacy concerns were twice as a high in the US and Germany when compared to India. Furthermore, the fact that security is still a concern regarding cloud hosting amplifies the importance of making it clear to a potential customer what exactly cloud services are and how the infrastructure can be extremely secure.

UK Awareness

Interestingly blueocean did not conduct their survey in the UK. It would have been interesting to see how the UK’s general knowledge and awareness of cloud computing compared to the other nations that were studied. Cloud computing in the UK, of course, does face the same concerns as the US, Germany and India in terms of overcoming security and privacy concerns that consumers will inevitably have.

With so many positives though regarding cloud computing, it is little surprise that it is growing rapidly worldwide, despite those security concerns.

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