Summit Event Kicks Off

Oracle have held a Cloud Builder Summit event, the first of a hundred that will be held in locations around the world between now and December. Attendees to the event will learn how they can build an “enterprise cloud environment”.

Private Cloud Systems

The focus of the event will also be on the private cloud and will reference products such as Oracle’s Exadata and Exalogic “engineered systems” as well as its Enterprise Manager 12c software for management and orchestration.

Oracle have launched a new version of the Elastic Cloud software that runs on top of Exalogic. Exalogic is a high powered application server which offers cloud orientated features, including virtualization and a load-balancer.

Furthermore it is also possible that the Cloud Builder events’ content will be expanded, or even shift, following announcements made at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference starting on September 30th.

Approach to Cloud Computing

Larry Ellison, CEO, has suggested that Oracle’s approach to cloud computing is in the same vain as Amazon Web Services. However, analyst Franko Scavo, managing partner of IT consulting firm Strativa, has explained that products such as Exalogic do not necessarily meet that definition of cloud computing.

Frank Scavo said that, while the machines handle large workloads, including sudden spikes, they still represent a fixed set of computing power owned by a customer. Therefore, unlike Amazon, “it’s not elastic”. Mr Scavo went on to add: “If you can’t scale it down and pay less, and you can’t scale it up and pay more, it’s not a cloud.”

The latest public cloud Oracle have released is powered by Exadata and Exalogic machines and will offer customers the next-generation Fusion applications, as database and Java PaaS. According to analyst Scavo, these do behave like a true cloud.

The cloud computing industry continues to move forward at an intense pace and it will certainly not be long until new methods are developed.

Will you be attending one of the aforementioned events?

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