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There has been a lot in the news recently regarding cloud gaming and it has been announced that Big Fish Games has made its cloud gaming service available on Android tablets. The service made its debut on web-connected PCs in July as a casual gaming service. More than 100 games were offered via the cloud service.

However, now it looks like the service is available on Android tablet devices and Big Fish has said that they will eventually work towards creating a universal cloud gaming service where customers will be able to pay a fee to subscribe in order to then access their games on any device as they move from one location to another throughout the day.

Big Fish’s service means that gamers will not need to download the games to their devices or PCs as the games are run in a web-connected data centre and video is sent through broadband connections to a user’s devices. After OnLive’s recent struggles, Big Fish are looking to move in and capitalise. Paul Thelen, the chief executive of Big Fish Games, has said that his service does not require nearly as much infrastructure as OnLive’s service since the games are relatively low-tech, 2D platform games. OnLive, on the other hand, was streaming high quality, 3D games which led to costly infrastructure requirements.

Thelen’s service only requires one data centre on the west coast of America and one on the east coast in order to support the US demand for the gaming platform. Meanwhile, Big Fish are charging $7.99 a month for a subscription and they have said that eventually more than 1,000 games will be available. The gaming service is also open to those who do not want to pay as they can enjoy games from a rolling catalogue provided they view ads.

The general manager of the service, Will O’Brien, has commented: “With the addition of support for Android devices, Big Fish Unlimited is now a truly multiplatform streaming service and live on two screens: PC and mobile. We are very excited to support the recently launched, exceptional Nexus 7 tablet from Google. Instant cloud gaming is a perfect fit for this fast-performing device.”

Big Fish attracted users from over 100 countries after its launch in July.

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