Cloud gaming on Windows 8 becomes a reality

Formerly known as iSwifter, cloud streaming service Agawi has been making waves in the cloud gaming sector in recent years, having already brought more than 12,000 games to Facebook , and has now formed a partnership with Microsoft to enable the streaming of games to its Windows 8 devices.

Any game. Anywhere. Instantly.

The partnership will be focused on bringing more complex games and “hardcore” triple A-titles to the cloud platform rather than simply social Facebook games, to bridge the gap even more between cloud hosting and console gaming.

CEO Peter Relan says, “Popular AAA games will be made available in the coming months for instant play on Windows 8 devices with no additional work required by developers,” and the company will be encouraging more developers over the coming months to contact them about having their own games transferred to cloud.

Issues to overcome

One obstacle that has got in the way in the past when porting a console game to various other platforms was using tablet-based touch controls for a game designed for a controller or mouse/keyboard combination, resulting in a less intuitive experience, but Agawi say controls will be publisher decision, with a range of controller options fully supported.

Again on phones with smaller screens, controls have been problematic in the past but Agawi suggest that with phones now heading towards a slightly larger screen, as indicated by the Samsung Galaxy and the recently announced iPhone 5, these issues should become less of an issue in future.

Agawi certainly seem aware of the pitfalls of moving into the core gaming sector and will have followed news of struggling cloud-based game streaming service OnLive very closely.

Relan however insists the company will be cautious. They won’t be targeting games with huge hardware requirements such as the popular and immersive 3D multiplayer first-person shooters. But they appear confident that some of the best single-player action-adventure titles can still be enjoyed will be among those they announce as Agawi partners before the year is out.

Only time will tell if Agawi can succeed where OnLive has failed as Agawi’s Windows 8 streaming service launches with Microsoft’s next big OS update this coming October.

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