Microsoft Launch New Windows Server

It has been revealed that Microsoft has now officially rolled out Windows Server 2012. This is the server partner to the Windows 8 operating system that is being launched on the 26th October alongside the Surface tablet that is eagerly anticipated. Will the Surface be able to rival the iPad? Only time will tell…

Cloud Operating System

Server 2012, previously known as Windows Server 8, is the first instalment of the Microsoft software since Windows NT that doesn’t feature support for Itanium-based computers.

The new Windows offering was revealed on Tuesday when the new-gen system was praised by all at Microsoft as the first “cloud OS”. Satya Nadella, the president of Redmond’s Servers and Tools Business, has been quoted saying: “This is perhaps the biggest release of our server products in history, bigger than NT. I was here at Microsoft when we launched Windows NT, which ushered in the era of client/server, and we believe that Windows Server 2012 ushers in the era of the cloud operating system.”

A number of webcasts earlier in the week demonstrated a number of key aspects of Windows Server 2012. Its intention is to help power a variety of enterprises, from the world’s largest datacentres to comparatively remote small to medium sized enterprises all through the ingenuity of cloud hosting.

Big Aspirations

Microsoft have stated that the software will support 320 logical processors and 4TB of physical memory per server, with 64 virtual processors per machine. Meanwhile, virtual disks can scale up to 64TB apiece or 32 times what any competition can currently offer, according to those at Microsoft. Furthermore, it has also been claimed that Windows Server 2012 is able to virtualise 99% of all SQL databases.

The software is available to download in four versions, ranging from the Standard edition up to the Datacentre edition.

Microsoft have incorporated new features such as a refreshed edition of the Hyper-V, which has included expanding the network virtualisation capabilities to run multiple configurations on the same LAN. Windows Server 2012 is an integral part of Microsoft’s new business ecosystem which also features Windows Azure.

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