Research Proves Cloud Hosting Benefits SMEs

Research that has been conducted in Australia has revealed that there is a clear advantage for smaller businesses when it comes to cloud hosting services.

MYOB, an Australian cloud software provider, has shown that there is not a huge amount of companies that are taking advantage of cloud services in Australia, yet the ones that are making use of them are seeing tangible benefits.

The researched quizzed over 1000 SMEs and uncovered that nearly 4/5ths of the companies surveyed (79%) were not using the cloud for business. Meanwhile 14% were and 8% weren’t entirely sure whether they had or had not implemented cloud hosting solutions.

The survey also made it apparent that 44% of SMEs in the cloud expected their revenue to increase over the course of the next year, compared to 22% of those that are not currently making use of cloud services.

The survey also delved into details such as workloads in the next three months with 55% of companies utilising cloud hosting expecting to have more work in a three month period than companies that have not yet migrated with just 25% of these companies saying so.

It’s a similar picture when surveying the companies on whether they are likely to be recruiting in the near future or not with 35% of companies that are currently making use of managed hosting to look to increase their numbers, compared to 15% that are not currently making use of cloud services.

Tim Reed, CEO of MYOB, has been explaining that smaller businesses tend to think that cloud hosting can only be good for larger companies. He was quoted saying: “Despite the technology industry’s best efforts to teach others about the concept of cloud computing, our research shows a disconnect between SME cloud usage and their understanding of it. I question whether we need to rethink our educational direction when encouraging their move to the cloud.”

Other research that has been carried out regarding cloud hosting has suggested that it is almost certainly beneficial for businesses no matter how large or small.

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