Microsoft Announce Cloud Security Readiness Tool

A new tool designed to help IT professionals test their enterprise’s readiness for deployment to the cloud has been announced by Microsoft.

Titled, the Cloud Security Readiness Tool, this new Microsoft tool is a free resource that targets SMEs to assist them when assessing security as it has emerged that companies who have already adopted cloud hosting services could have found it to have been more secure than on-site solutions. This was revealed in a recent survey of the industry.

However, some of the top barriers to adoption include a company’s concerns surrounding industry standards and compliance, transparency and security. Adrienne Hall, general manager of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, has explained to the RSA Conference Europe 2012 in London, “This shows companies are more concerned than they should be.”

The new free tool will ask users a series of questions that are designed to test how ready an SME is to adopt the cloud. Microsoft is collaborating with other organisations in order to share knowledge and information in order to improve transparency and security.

Ms Hall went on to further add, “The aim of the tool is to simplify the process and cut through the clutter to help organisations take a step-by-step look at cloud adoption based on their environment.”

Many of the questions raised in the tool are from the Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Controls Matrix. The tool makes use of the matrix by asking about security policies, how these are implemented and how often these and compliance issues are reviewed. The free tool presents the questions in a multi-choice format.

Additionally, risk assessment questions are also asked and include the current policies a company has regarding disaster recovery and patch management.

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