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It’s been reported today that research has revealed that those of us that implement and make use of cloud computing could potentially cut their bills by 30% by simply working out what sort of chip is on the servers they are renting.

Data Analysis

Analysis has revealed that some clusters of generic computer servers are up to 40% faster than other clusters of servers. These stats were worked out by analysing which processors were used in the hardware behind cloud hosting. The research has been carried out by computer scientists at the Deutsch Telekom Laboratories in Germany and Finland’s Aalto University. Analysis was carried out on Amazon’s EC2 cloud service.

Those that carried out the research used tools that allowed them to interrogate the software that controlled the groups of servers being used for cloud hosting purposes and they managed to identify the chip at the heart of each server in a group or instance of computers.

Furthermore, the research has been conducted over the course of a year and during this year, the researchers took measurements in order to be in a position to detect which instances were running newer, faster chips.

Identifying Improvements

They were then easily able to identify that groups built around these newer machines were much faster than the server clusters that made use of the older hardware.

The researchers then documented their findings in a paper with the summation: “In general, the variation between the fast instances and slow instances can reach 40%.”

What’s more, it was also revealed that some applications saw even greater differences in speed with some newer server clusters running around 60% faster.

The researchers have concluded that by simply choosing newer, faster instances, users would be able to reduce their server bills by up to 30% on average due to the fact that the newer machines would handle the data at a much improved rate. Tools are now being devised in order to calculate the performance properties of particular server clusters.

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