The Rising ISV Interest In SaaS Application Packaging Standards (APS)

Parallels, makers of automated service delivery software, are pushing their Application Packaging Standards (APS), which they say help ISVs reach the cloud distribution ecosystem via a single packaging effort.

While many in the IT industry equate the cloud to a simple deployment of virtualization software from VMware or OnApp Xen, many would argue the true hall mark of mature cloud infrastructure is the automation of networking, storage and server assets inside an optimized datacentre.

Software-as-Service (SaaS) allows ISVs to hit the ground running with new products and services on cloud provider platforms but also opens up additional challenges in the areas of client delivery and billing.

“But even as the cloud has taken shape, suppliers are always looking for new ways to distribute software that puts less of a burden on their operations and increases their reach through cloud distributors,” said Parallel via the industry site, APSStandard.

“Site complexities and implementation costs, along with remnants of the outmoded on-premises delivery models, have kept some cloud services out of reach, particularly to small and medium business (SMB) customers.”

APSStandards said that selling SaaS services to the SMB requires a level of software automation and cost management in the provisioning of new accounts that was not required in the 1:1 sale of on-premises software.

“Reducing the need for human intervention in the full lifecycle of purchase, provisioning, end customer self-administration, billing and service change management is the only way to remain profitable in the online SaaS world, especially when servicing SMBs.”

Thus, the arrival of APS, which loosely attempts to solve the following:

  • Automating the machine-to-machine account setup
  • Provisioning, billing and administration of your offerings

“Currently, thousands of Service Providers have APS-ready platforms in place, able to accept ISV and SaaS packaged offerings and ready to start selling them to their customer base in a scalable, cost effective manner, with rapid time-to-market. “

“Standards-based application packaging gives Service Providers and ISVs a common strategy for scaling their products across deep and broad markets. APS helps to enable new and better relationships between ISVs and hosting/telecommunications providers that allow businesses throughout the cloud supply chain to realize dramatically greater reach and penetration of their offerings in a cloud-based marketplace.

To find out more about APS, visit APSStandards.  To find out more about a Global Virtual Datacentre SaaS for ISVs review Virtual Internet’s latest offerings.

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