Will the cloud spell the end of open source?

It has been debated that the arrival of cloud computing will damage the development of open source software. The truth is far removed.

The cloud Revolution

The entire architecture of the cloud is open source software and the cloud is optimized for open source. Everything that’s key about the cloud such as databases, operating systems, apps, servers and such things as ‘big data’ are all open source. The cloud will enable open source programmers to challenge those established and market-dominating brands.

Cloud and Open Source

What open source and cloud cooperation will enable is the sharing of public information, cloud server provisions for small companies and individuals incorporating flexible payments. Cloud file management companies such as Box, Dropbox and Huddle will likely get better and cater for greater degrees of content management and mobility as well as making user access easier and more comprehensive, not just for the IT specialists.

We should be seeing a certain homogeneity in cloud platforms to improve usability whether on the move or at work. At the moment, it is open source developers who are forging the way forward in terms of usability, cost effectiveness, programmability and retrofitting meaning that many companies and even governments prefer open source solutions.


Of course those proprietary established brands prefer dedicated servers and would hope that the new cloud system remain out of the equation so as to keep open source at bay. The simple fact however is that running an enterprise mainframe has been getting more and more expensive, something which has been attributed to the rising costs of such established brand software. Those involved in the new cloud growth base all their systems on open source such as Linux operating systems ensuring that no one provider become too ubiquitous and dictate future technological decisions.

The issue of security and handling of sensitive information is also being addressed and more and more organizations and governments are keen to share information across the cloud. Open source is not in danger of inhibiting the cloud at all, on the contrary, it is the best way for it to expand.

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