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Asia’s “Cloud” E-learning Market Set to Boom Over Next 5 years

The worldwide market for e-learning products across all learning platforms, academia, corporate training, self development and language learning reached a high $32 billion in 2011 an is expected to grow another 10 billion by 2015 and even further by 2020. E-learning is popular among all levels and types of learning. Courses are made specifically for corporate training, academic learning (K-12 and even university degrees), and language learning for those needing to learn English, Spanish, German or any other language.  By the way, remember to check out Virtual Internet’s Virtual Training  Products for remote classroom training delivery.

Asia in general has embraced the online learning experience. In the beginning the largest area of interest and growth was in online language learning, specifically English. This initial growth was caused by an intense need for native speaker English teachers. As a result of the success in online language teaching field, other areas of e-learning have also been adopted and are growing. The following are 5 Asian countries that have seen the largest growth in e-learning.

1 – South Korea

When it comes to the growth of e-learning programs in general, South Korea is the leader, as this nation has the strongest high-tech industry and high-speed Internet usage. Many of the country’s universities offer online courses and there are currently 17 colleges with full online curriculums.

2 – India

This country is of major influence in the growth of online learning. India has developed several world-class universities over the past several years and many of these online programs are attracting some of the best and brightest of Asian students.

3 – China

Additionally, some Asian countries like China, a country that emphasizes education in all areas and consistently throughout the educational cycle of its citizens, has been immune to the global recession. So adoption of e-learning methods in China is higher than in others due to the better market conditions.

Because there has been so much success in the field, other areas of e-learning have also been adopted and are growing.

4 – Thailand

Thailand also seems enthused with online learning as they have announced they plan to give every child from first to sixth grade a tablet beginning in 2012. This amounts to 5 million children.

5 – Japan

Japan, on the other hand, unless it relates to English as a Second Language (ESL) learning has no interest in online learning for academics.

Which Countries are projected for Higher Growth?

Although e-learning courses are popular and used throughout the world, there are large differences in the buying behavior of different countries, and the concept that the use of e-learning is defined by a country’s technology is not true.

Most people assume that the U.S.A is the leader in e-learning and while there is certainly a large segment of the population that uses this method, and the U.S.A. has been the largest buyer of e-learning products and services, the estimated growth in this segment is not as large for the United States as it is for Asian countries.

Future Forecast

According to Ambient Insight, in a comprehensive study conducted in 2010, the U.S. e-learning industry is expected to grow by about 10% over the next 5 years, whereas Asia, as a result of the administrative, curriculum and educational needs in all areas is expected to grow by about 25%.

Bottom Line

This is a huge industry, one with a lot of growth potential in the next few years, and this growth is projected for all learning areas, including academics, language learning, business training and even self-interest education. However, suppliers need to understand that every country, whether in the USA, Latin America or Asia has a unique educational and buying need. As such, business models that work in one country don’t work in other countries. Even so, the most significant long-term revenue opportunities lie in academia and English language learning.

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