Indian Cloud Adoption Increases

The cloud computing industry has really begun to take off in India as the marketplace is now witnessing some very strong, exponential growth. According to the latest report titled ‘VMware Cloud Index 2012’, conducted by cloud service provider VMware and Forrester Consulting, the cloud computing industry is currently seeing some very robust growth with adoption levels ever rising.

It was reported that the rate of adoption saw around a 25% increase during the last 12 months. That is, indeed, some very impressive growth particular when you consider that this is potentially a multi-billion dollar industry across the globe.

Furthermore, the aforementioned study, ‘VMware Cloud Index 2012’, is reported to have been conducted in 11 Asia Pacific countries. The Managing Director of VMware (India and SAARC), Mr T. Srinivasan, has been quoted saying the following: “The survey demonstrates the potential for cloud computing in the country which reflects a double digit rate of adoption.”

Additionally, it was also revealed that around 54% of senior IT professionals surveyed in India consider cloud hosting to be a crucial aspect of the future of business whilst 80% of those quizzed in the survey responded saying that cloud and managed hosting would facilitate their organisations in order to decrease the overall IT costs.

Meanwhile, the survey flagged up that 40% of respondents felt that there is some internal resistance that needs to be altered which is currently causing a significant hindrance to the adoption of cloud hosting. Such hindrances include the likes of data privacy, a loss of control and integration with existing on-premise systems and security. These are, of course, familiar concerns that surround cloud adoption within enterprises; however, the latest, on-going, innovations are making the cloud more secure whilst organisations are also keen to share information across the cloud in order to further enhance cloud security.

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