Research Examines The Work / Life Balance Of Busy IT Professionals

Work / Life Balance CampaignWe know how hard all of you IT professionals work, going into work over weekends, working late, taking calls in the middle of the night, it’s never easy. We’ve recently carried out research to our current and prospective customers to try and understand the Work / Life Balance of professionals in the IT industry.

Our key findings

–  63% of IT professionals say work gets in the way of their personal life outside office hours

–  88% answer work emails outside of office hours

–  76% often or occasionally get disturbed during their spare time to fix IT issues

–  72% work more than 41 hours per week

–  64% are disturbed between one and five times each week in the evening or on the weekend; with 16% saying they are disturbed more than six times a week in their spare time.

Based on these findings we’ve launched a new online advertising campaign, Work / Life Balance to demonstrate how a managed hosting solution can help to reduce the amount of overtime IT professionals will have to work, due to all support and administration being outsourced.

Our Managing Director, Patrick McCarthy explained “IT professionals are notoriously working long and unsocial hours so we carried out this research to assess to what extent.”

He continued “We’ve created a campaign that IT professionals can relate to… based our research we know that they are continuously interrupted in their spare time. Our creative focuses on various social elements such as weekends away, drinks with friends and family time over Christmas. It aims to demonstrate that they no longer need to be disturbed during these occasions as everything can be taken care of by us.”

“Customers no longer need to worry about the day to day running of their infrastructure as they can outsource all of it. A managed web infrastructure enables them to concentrate on business functions that can have a positive affect on their company’s profit margins rather than managing IT admin and maintenance. Resulting in uninterrupted personal time over the holiday season and beyond.”

See the full Work / Life Balance report.

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