Server automation and the Cloud do not threaten IT jobs

The storage giant EMC has argued that in fact the cloud and the push towards automated systems will not diminish the need for IT personnel. This comes amongst fears that the transformation of the way we process data through cloud hosting solutions, mobile web and ‘big data’ will affect the IT job market, a staple of most world economies.

Threats and Opportunities

EMC’s president Adrian Macdonald said that the IT industry will still grow with the cloud, saying that “The pace of change both in society and IT is far quicker than it’s ever been,” continuing that in his 24 years at EMC, he’d “seen a number of generations of IT and significant transformations, but nothing as big as what we are currently seeing.”

Macdonald emphasizes the threats and opportunities that this provides for business and how there will be an increasing standardisation and automation of processes across IT platforms, “people will standardise on scale, on chipsets, on applications and databases.”

There will however certainly be a considerable change in the nature of IT workers’ roles and what they actually do in their companies will evolve over time. This does not however mean losing jobs. Rightly people will be worried about their job security but Macdonald stated that “there will be more people in IT in five to 10 years than there is today, but many of them will be doing different types of jobs.”

Future Shift

He states as an example the growing niche for data scientists and data efficiency consultants. In the future we are likely to see a shift in IT expertise and knowledge, although the flexibility of IT is increasing there will still be a need for IT personnel with the relevant expertise and skill sets. For instance, we are now seeing a completely new job role emerging – the ‘cloud architect’ which did not exist several years ago.

Although we’ve been assured that IT jobs won’t be lost, Macdonald’s has not addressed the question that is on many in the IT industry’s minds – will certain IT professions and their associated specialist knowledge and skills be rendered defunct by the Cloud?

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