Transition to the Cloud Slowed

The United States government and IT may not seem to have a particularly significant link, however when in 2008 the US announced its move towards cloud computing things changed. It quickly became apparent that, were the US government to make a move towards an overarching cloud computing solution, this would influence the whole IT industry.

Back in 2008, this would have made the US government the largest pioneering organisation to move towards cloud based tech solutions. If you think that the US government is complex, then imagine how overwhelmingly vast and complicated its data networks are, spanning across States, agencies, departments and so on. Migrating, modernizing and standardizing it would be a monumental operation. At the moment this operation is being done at varying rates between departments and agencies. Some will adopt cloud computing immediately whereas others will move towards more internal systems depending on the degree of autonomy they have been granted and their management teams.

Added to this, there would be need to be a change in thinking and the amount of control exerted upon IT systems. This would prove very difficult for government IT workers. As such, we have seen that the US government is slowing its migration to the cloud, not taking the large paces that were announced in 2008. Their careful approach is reminiscent of large commercial businesses.

It would be prudent however for the US government to step up its game, promoting cloud computing as promised in 2008 and at a rapid pace. It needs to push this so that instead of reluctantly jumping onto the cloud bandwagon. Realistically however, the process is likely to be a more drawn out one at the government’s own pace.

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