5 Advantages To Using Microsoft Exchange For Email

Microsoft Exchange is a leading email server delivering enterprise level security to businesses, universities and individuals looking for a more full-featured email experience than that which is offered by most POP3 email systems. The Microsoft Exchange Interface recently underwent a drastic makeover and brought a wide array of additional features to users. For those who have yet to upgrade to the latest version, take a moment to consider these key updates.

Multi-Mail Search

Many people use more than one email address on a daily basis, and the prospect of searching for one message in each inbox is daunting and time consuming. Microsoft Exchange now offers the ability to simultaneously search more than one inbox at a time, eliminating this headache.

 Voicemail Transcription

Email users can now have their office voicemail transcribed and automatically emailed to their inbox. Not only does this feature allow a user to keep in touch with contacts while away from the office, but it also eliminates the headache of attempting to recover lost emails or keeping notes of messages. All voicemails are stored securely for later access.

 Improved Public Folder Access

In the past, the public folders on Microsoft Exhange had been widely considered unusable due to the way the messages were displayed and stored amongst users on a given server. Microsoft has taken great steps to improve this function and has changed the way these folders appear and are used. For the first time, users should now be able to benefit from sharing content with collegues with this new method.

 MailTips Warnings

MailTips is a service inside the Exchange Platform that assists users with a variety of tasks, including warning them when they will be sending an email to someone they may not intend to or when someone is out of the office. These warnings are a foundation of the new security approach that helps ensure that only those for whom it is intended view secure information.

 Storage Cost Savings

According to Microsoft, the newest version of Exchange has 70% less input/output than previous versions, which translates into significant cost savings. In addition, the larger mailboxes mean that companies will have to spend less money on additional storage space to ensure their employees have the space they need to store pertinent company information.

These additional features are just a sampling of the ways in which Microsoft Exchange has improved its platform. If you have yet to upgrade to a hosted Exchange platform, you should do so soon in order to take advantage of the added features available to you.

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