5 Awesome Benefits To Using Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a business program designed to simply make the job of doing business easier by providing powerful online tools for tasks such as website design, application building, connection and networking, and content management. With general availability for the newest version of SharePoint slated for Q1 2013, you may be wondering what benefits you can get out of upgrading to the latest version.

1. Improved Content Management

From putting data into SharePoint to managing a dozen iterations of the data across multiple websites, improvements have been made in the program’s content management services. One nifty feature is being able to simply paste the data from a Word document into SharePoint, which then modifies the Word formatting code into the appropriate XHTML. You can then upload it to multiple sites; change all versions when you change the original, and tools to help put your content on a variety of electronic devices.

2. Consolidated Functionality

With this version of SharePoint, Microsoft acknowledges that your staff is going to be using much more than just the one program. The Business Connectivity Service (BCS) upgrade allows SharePoint to interact easily with data that lives in other formats, such as a Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

3. Faster Site Development

While not every website is the same, many features are reused throughout a majority of them with just different layouts and content. The design of SharePoint understands this and provides developers with predefined assets and functions like the Design Manager that streamline the design process into a decision making one and less of a dive into markup language.

4. End User Functionality Improvements

A program can have the most functionality and power in the world, but if it does not aid your staff in performing their duties quicker and with more proficiency, then its bottom-line usefulness can be brought into question. A piece of software that not only provides the tools to do the job but refines them to interact with users intuitively is what every business is looking for when they spend the money to acquire a corporate license for a program. SharePoint has had its functionality greatly enhanced with features like drag-and-drop and layout improvements that interact with the MS Office theme to easily empower every employee.

5. Improved Data Analytics

Information is everything, and the Excel Business Intelligence and PerformancePoint services give you information in an accessible and understandable way. Every vital statistic that can be measured is tracked and displayed in easy to read formats like scorecards and visual graphs

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