5 Features of the UK’s G-cloud and its CloudStore

G-Cloud is a U.K. cross government and public sector initiative with the purpose of introducing Cloud computing into the various U.K. government departments, and allowing those in the public sector to run IT projects more efficiently and faster. As different sectors have different needs, the G-Cloud administrators have made the CloudStore available; the purpose is to offer a procurement framework where the members can access products from four service categories: Infrastructure, Platform, Software and Specialist services.

Additionally the association with the successful cloud applications gives the CloudStore several products that make procurement processes of the different government and public sectors more efficient and effective, through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  (Virtual Internet offers cloud services for a range of governmental and private companies and closely tracks new developments in the UK G-Cloud.)

Salesforce Brings Cloud Reliability to the Table

This new association with G-Cloud allows the U.K. public sector to use important, proven salesforce mobile and social cloud computing features via the G-CloudStore. This new support gives the U.K. government the opportunity to end over budget and behind schedule IT projects; a common occurrence over all government sectors in the past.

The U.K. G-Cloud is a move toward overlapping frameworks that are not traditional, yet each meets the compliance required by the Official Journal of the European Union Process.

The G-Cloud strategy offers several technical benefits to the various government sectors and the larger public sector and its crossover needs. Among these are: It gives the different sectors the ability to grow large government economies of scale more efficiently. It offers the different government sectors the ability to complete their procurement needs more effectively with their supplier marketplace.  G-Cloud offers Information and Communication Technology that is flexible, efficient and responsive to the demand of the different sectors and users, thereby allowing these various departments to support government policies. G-Cloud users are in a position to take advantage of innovative and new technologies, thereby able to deliver more effective business solutions, which in turn reduces operational costs. The use of this new ICT technology allows the associated sectors to meet new environmental and sustainable needs of all associated members. The purpose of the U.K. G-Cloud and its associated CloudStore is to ensure that everything related to government procurement ICT needs is found in one place, and new processes are made available through it as quickly as possible.

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