A Recent Server Failure Highlights How Crucial Managed Servers Are

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A large furniture manufacturer was recently saved from a complete server shutdown after one of their servers had a power cut. The company happened to be using a business backup and recovery system which enabled the prevention of a catastrophic shut down. Such a shut-down would have caused severe commercial disruptions as sales would not have been able to be processed.

The backup firm in question managed to save a $50,000 bonus (a contractual agreement with a US hotel chain) for the client through the success of managed hosting during the power cut. The cause of the cut was a fault with a business next to the furniture company who were undergoing some electrical maintenance. The electrician accidentally triggered an electrical surge through the building thus causing server difficulties next door.

The backup company uses a system of devices and protocols to protect a client’s servers. In this instance the protection was triggered when the furniture company’s systems were damaged, causing Microsoft Exchange servers as well enterprise resource planning to fail. Such systems control everything right the way from the factories and production lines all the way to the shop shelves. You can therefore imagine how damaging a malfunctioning ERP could be.

Backup companies such as these monitor the servers at regular intervals so as to detect any faults therefore allowing Managed systems to intervene should a power cut or server failure occur. In this instance, within an hour of the power cut, the furniture company’s critical ERP systems were running so as to meet consumer deadlines. As such, replacement server components were ordered and the server repaired, something which would have taken about a week when considering postage and installation times. A company which relies so heavily upon ERP systems would have suffered significant financial losses during that week – such are the advantages of cloud computing.

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