Cloud Optimism, Avoiding Past Mistakes

cloud computing optimism
Many people very optimistic about the Cloud, emphasizing how new and unique it is, how it can help businesses and even claiming it will render desktop PC’s and much hardware obsolete in the years to come. Whilst much of this may be true, it is also reminiscent in its growth, to the World Wide Web and its widespread introduction in the 90’s. Back in the 90’s, many mistakes were made with the Web and it is these mistakes which threaten to be repeated today with the Cloud.

One of the biggest obstacles the attitudes towards cloud computing. Just like in the 1990’s where many companies saw the Web as a hyped up fad and threat to security, leading to outdated systems, the same may well be true of the Cloud. The result in the case of the Web was that companies had to catch up with the competition. This led to significant repercussions as those companies with older infrastructures lost out in their market share.

Now in 2012, we see that many are concerned about the cloud’s reliability and are labelling it as unsecure and as having a short lifespan. A many large businesses have rejected the Cloud and it has become clear that technology firms have not created the necessary tools to exploit cloud computing. It is these companies which, some fear, may be struggling to catch up with their competition, some failing to do so all together.

We must remember though that whilst cloud computing is very beneficial; it’s not the be all and end all. It does however facilitate many business processes which would otherwise be more disjointed and less efficient. Where the Web became the cheapest and most efficient option for sourcing data, the Cloud could prove to be the best approach for managing programs at a cheaper and more efficient rate. There are clearly similarities between the two, and particularly their patterns of adoption by companies. It would be prudent for Companies to take note of major undertakings such as the Cloud.

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