4 Benefits of ISO 9001 To Web Hosting Companies

ISO 9001 is a recognized industry standard for the quality management of business procedures. It applies to all processes, offers product control solutions and better management regulation for any business organization, and it can be especially helpful to datacentres and their customers

Even so, it is expensive to implement, but once in place can help the data center save money in other operational costs. Virtual Internet can attest to the operational efficiencies and competitive “edge” it has gained by attaining both ISO 9001 and 27001 certification.  The following are four benefits ISO 9001 offers to any datacentre or Cloud based storage business.

 1 – Customer Trust

ISO 9001 inspires trust in your business customers an accredited certification offers proof of customer commitment. It demonstrates the data center’s willingness to continually find new ways of improving their services. Once in place, orders are met consistently, issues resolved immediately and services are offered on-time and to the correct customer specifications. ISO 9001 demonstrates efficient quality management that complies with the most rigorous of external audits made by the ISO 9001 certification team.

 2 – Cost Savings

An organization that implements ISO 9001 saves money as operations are streamlined. Every cost of every department is analyzed, creating more efficient productivity that costs less, and these savings can often be passed on to customers.

 3 – Addresses Security Issues

ISO 9001 stresses quality assurance, and an aspect of this is security issues. Data centers complying to these standards also comply with ISO 27001 which ensures that:

  • Threats to the business are managed, assessed and managed on a continual basis.
  • Physical security is stressed within the physical environment, requiring name and restricted access to work areas.
  •  CCTV security monitoring and planning are continually enforced.

 4 – The Bottom Line: Efficiency & Effectiveness

Data centers with ISO 9001 compliance offer more efficient security options and efficiencies business clients need. Customers are more confident in trusting their crucial data to a datacentre that has undergone the stringent requirements of ISO 9001. Additionally, a business that undergoes the expense and the time commitment involved will continually improve services to meet their ISO9001 compliance. The only disadvantage to using an ISO compliant data center is that these require the reliance on the documentation of all procedures, decisions and implementations, including any special procedure requested by a client.

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