Small businesses still slow to take up Cloud

small business cloud computing
Many see small businesses as having significant market advantages, such as outmanoeuvring larger competitors and being much more adept at reacting to changing climates and conditions. Whilst this may have some truth to it, a study by AVG into small businesses showed that they were not taking up Cloud computing as much as their larger rivals.

The study looked at over a thousand small businesses in both the UK and the US and found that only a quarter have started using cloud computing services such as cloud virtual datacentres and cloud servers and so on. A further quarter believed that the cloud was only orientated towards large businesses and therefore not fit for their purposes. This is a ridiculous notion, the truth being that cloud computing has a toolkit which can in all probability suit smaller companies better than larger ones. Small businesses can take advantage of the cloud by tailoring IT needs according to their requirements. Subscription or on-demand providers mean that the initial investment needed to set up an effective IT infrastructure can be waived somewhat – you get only what you need to use.

Education seems to be one of the factors barring smaller companies from using the cloud with a huge portion polled simply not knowing what the cloud was or understanding its workings – around a third. This is a great shame, as this portion of businesses is not using what could ultimately prove a very fruitful toolset. The lack of understanding can be attributed to IT language, it is thought. Complicated terms and jargon will push many away from cloud solutions, many adopting “the grass is greener” attitude or simply trusting in the longevity of their existing systems.

This can be dangerous however. Just as not adopting the cloud will obstruct access to useful and productive services, not adopting and not understanding it could potentially be harmful to business. Save yourself time, effort and money. It’s time to see how you could help your business with the cloud!

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