Sucessfully Adopting the Cloud for 2013

Many experts predict that 2013 will see the considerable proliferation of cloud computing in all sectors. How can you make the most of the cloud though? How can you ensure that you are not wasting your money? Well, the best way of integrating cloud computing into a business is to find those problems which could use the benefit of cloud services, such as cloud hosting.

Generally, cloud computing tends to be pressed upon businesses as an all-encompassing miraculous solution to all business quandaries. Many therefore see the cloud, whether public, private or hybrid, to be the holy grail of computing. The essence of business management however does not change, and many will find that fruitlessly attacking a problem with such a “miracle cure” will lead only to disappointment.

The cloud does not, alas, come in a one-size-fits-all package. It’s not as simple as that – cloud computing must be deployed in an appropriate manner so as to address specific problems. It is only through a correct matching-up process that the cloud’s full potential can be realised. In some cases you are not seeing value-for-service and cloud computing solutions can end up proving more costly than traditional IT alternatives.

Getting the right cloud computing fit for the larger companies can be slightly more daunting. Where large investments in hardware-based IT infrastructures have been made in the last ten years, it is understandable that large organizations are slightly reluctant at the prospect of such an investment being rendered obsolete. It is seen as a huge risk, which it shouldn’t. If adopted properly, the cloud can be a real benefit. What should not be overstated however is the aforementioned ‘miracle’ factor. Mistakes and successes in business depend to a huge extent on human factors – if you put something of low quality into a system, you can expect your return to be of similar quality!

Cloud computing can provide some fantastic solutions for organizations big and small, just make sure its implementation is tailored to your needs.

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