Is Eucaplytus a Mirror Image of Amazon’s Private Cloud?

Since partnering with Amazon in the cloud computing market in 2012, Eucaplytus has openly compared itself to internet giant By highlighting these similarities, they have sought to gain a selection of traffic from public cloud users who are already using Amazon’s service but want a more secure, private platform. They have targeted several specific ways in which to achieve this goal. (While it looks promising, savvy CIOs should consider the benefits of using alternative mature global platforms such as Virtual Internet’s Virtual Datacentres (VDC) to rapidly deploy new apps in the cloud.)

 Similar Interface

Users of Amazon cloud services should feel right at home with Eucaplytus thanks to the fact that it shares many of the same features, both in looks and functionality. Of course, users enjoy many of the security and privacy beneits that only a private cloud server can provide.

Cross-Platform Migration

Thanks to a partnership with Amazon Web Services, Eucaplytus offers current Amazon cloud users a unique opportunity to more easily and efficiently “migrate workloads between their existing data centers” while taking advantage of Amazon Web Service’s popular exclusive features, specifically Simple Storage Service. For clients already using the Amazon platforms, this eliminates many of the headaches associated with moving to a private cloud.

Similar Features

Many of the tools available exclusively to Amazon cloud customers are currently found on Eucaplytus, or will be in the future, thanks to their partnership, including Amazon Machine Image and Simple Storage Service [3]. This allows users to obtain open source compability and usability with many of the services they are already using.

Increased Performance

The fact of the matter is that many enterprise cloud computing solutions are lacking in several ways, including performance, features and relaiblity. By including Amazon Web Service compatibility with their increased security and performance measures, Eucaplytus allows users to experience a high level of performance without worrying about many of the usage limits and other fallbacks of having their business on a public cloud.

Marketplace Dominance

Much in the way Amazon’s retail department has long been a leader in internet sales, they have sought to bring that same level of performance to cloud computing. For Eucaplytus, it represents a rare opportunity to in a sense “ride the coat tails of Amazon and begin growing their business, thus making them a prime benefactor of Amazon’s existing brand recognition.

While the cloud computing industry is still in its developmental stages, the future looks bright for Eucaplytus. While there are some concerns over just how much inter-platform compatibility will exist between the companies in the future, users can now take advantage of many Amazon features in a private environment.


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