Cloud Computing: The Inevitable Truth


Cloud adoption, a survey has revealed, has taken off in businesses without the aid of IT departments. The survey, conducted by Brocade has found that for many businesses, the Chief Information Officer’s role is changing, a change apparently prompted by cloud computing.

Innovation At Work

Many infrastructure issues to do with storage, email and accessibility are being taken out of the IT department’s hands as employees are using services such as Dropbox and Google Apps. This may be with or without CIO approval, where those CIO’s who aren’t keen have been trying to stifle cloud use. CIOs who do see the potential of the cloud however, want to see the ways in which it can be used to enhance productivity and efficiency. Broadly speaking however, over two thirds of CIOs acknowledge that cloud computing is something that will be a permanent fixture, a staple of IT departments, and that it should be embraced in some capacity.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Judging by previous IT revolutions.. namely the Web and the Computer, we will see those CIOs who are unwilling to take up the cloud be replaced by more innovative individuals. This is likely to happen mainly because deliberate non-adoption of a technology which is clearly of benefit is bad for business, not to mention the fact that other workers will get tired of being left in the “Dark Ages”.

A good CIO must take on board new trends in technology, staying ahead of the game. Whilst not jumping on any bandwagons before serious research and analysis has taken place, it is a CIO’s role to spot those developments which will benefit the company. In this instance, where cloud adoption a few years ago would have been considered a bold manoeuvre, it has now been tested to its limits and has proved its worth in many industries. For those CIO who are vehemently opposed to cloud computing, be it the adoption of managed hosting and so forth, it would be wise to consider promptly adopting the cloud in some capacity.

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