New Regulations are Good News for PCI and Cloud Adoption

The Payment Card Industry (PCI), which encompasses all manner of industries relating to card payments and transactions, will now be better positioned than ever to adopt cloud computing. The emergence of cloud computing has not, it seems, gone un-noticed: The PCI Security Standards Council, who sets up the guidelines relating to electronic payment transactions and how they are handled, has set up new cloud security-related guidelines. The guidelines provide some great information for IT services and cloud providers alike.

Solid Advice

The advice given by the PCI Security Standards Council covers not only guidelines for maintaining a solid PCI Data Security Standard in the cloud, but also advice on the actual use of cloud technology within a business.

The aims of the guideline are to help explain precisely how the PCI Data Security Standard can be applied to various cloud models and services such as cloud hosting, cloud servers, cloud applications and so on. It looks at how the cloud is evolving and what patterns are emerging – how can the Data Security Standard work in the future, and who is responsible for which elements of the cloud, whether public or private, client or provider.

No Excuse To Avoid The Cloud Now

The PCI Security Standards Council is not the only organization to deal with cloud computing of course. There are others such as the Cloud Security Alliance; this and others are looking at or have already published guidelines around the topic of cloud security. The significance of the PCI Security Standards Council guidelines is that there is now very little excuse for businesses not to adopt the cloud. It removes much uncertainty over security standard compliance and should be a stepping stone for further cloud adoption.

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