I switched to Magento with Virtual Internet

“Before Magento, life was really hard!” *

Imagine a scenario whereby a revamped e-commerce application inside a hosted managed enterprise cloud environment  could help your website increase site visits by up to 70% and push the  average order value up by over 20% across mobile and desktop channels…

This is exactly what the luxury apparel retailer, Peter Millar,  accomplished by switching over to Magento to enhance their online brand and build a platform that could handle upward growth in the cloud computing age.

In a tightly integrated strategy designed to produce measureable results, the retailer worked with a leading ISV to pursue the following three objectives:

  •  Enhance the site design and the user experience to more accurately reflect their luxury brand status
  • Implement a single solution that effectively reached their target audience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  •  Extend Magento functionality to better serve channel partners, more elegantly present their product catalog and improve site performance

These objectives are arguably compatible with a large number of enterprise companies that compete in the online retail space, especially over busy shopping periods such as Christmas and Easter, when traffic levels spike and ecommerce applications need to perform at and beyond a 99.9% uptime.

Add in the growing requirements to service an international army of mobile users, shopping online with smartphones and tablets, and I.T. leaders should quickly conclude that a bullet-proof cloud ecommerce system is not only advisable, it should be mandatory.

In this respect, Magento exceeded the expectations of Peter Millar, not only achieving the traffic levels specified in the opening paragraph but also increasing mobile visits by nearly 140% and increasing organic conversation rates by almost 10%.

At D-Day, the online retailer had successfully accomplished the following:

  •  A responsive design framework enabled the multichannel retailer to present “intentional experiences” tailored to site visitors across an array of devices.
  • A new design and UX upgraded the look and feel of the site, capturing the essence of the Peter Millar lifestyle.
  • Color swatching was added to product detail pages to more elegantly represent multiple apparel options.
  •  An interactive Store Locator was implemented to drive visitors to local retail partners.
  • Magento’s full-page caching functionality and Magento-specific hosting configuration combined to produce sub-1-second page load speeds.

While implementing a custom Magento enterprise solution similar to the one above can be complex, the software is highly regarded and performs extremely well as an Internet-enabled ecommerce application.

IT managers considering a Magento solution can also mitigate their risk by deploying their ecommerce solution inside a cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform fully managed by a team of VMware and Xen OnApp engineers with the experience to secure, streamline and optimize your online architecture.

By following this route IT leaders can reduce complexity and cost, raise revenue, exercise greater control over IT objectives and access 24/7 VI-tal support for further design, deployment and customization requirements.

*  Marc Cohen, Director Support Services, First Book, after a successful migration over to Magento

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