Cloud Commerce for Small Businesses

shop onlineWhichever side of the political divide you’re on, Wednesday’s budget was fairly mixed affair but it became quite apparent that the future lies with small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators. In a recession, of course, business can be tricky for those who haven’t got access to lots of cheap capital. All of us are having to squeeze our staff and our customers at the margins.

At the moment we’re experiencing what is known as a ‘demand deficient’ recession; though there is good production and the wheels of commerce are turning, customers just aren’t buying. For those on long-term contracts or working with established relationships it’s perhaps not too much of a problem, but for retailers it’s a different story. Every customer counts, especially if you’re selling online.

In times like these, a slick e-commerce system is essential to getting customers through the purchasing process. Unlike a shop where, even if there’s a queue at the checkout, you’re more than likely to follow through with a purchase, online shoppers quickly get fed up and simply close the browser window or, worse, go and buy elsewhere.

Packages like Magento have developed an eloquent solution to this problem and through a mixture of consultancy and programming are able to come up with tailored packages very efficiently. The e-commerce possibilities of these outsourced programmes are vast and they’re absolutely ideal solutions for both small and large businesses.

However, those operating on the smaller end of the scale often just haven’t got the computing power to operate such a sophisticated package.

This is where cloud hosting comes in. For small and medium sized businesses it’s considerably more cost effective to outsource your software provision to a cloud hosting company. Not only do you relieve yourself of the hassle of having to manage and update all the various elements of the software yourself, but you’re free to just focus on the important things for your business.

Equally, if you combine a product like Magento with a cloud hosting package, we can provide a completely streamlined system, the two elements acting in harmony. This means that your e-commerce is non-intrusive, it’s no-hassle and, most importantly, it’s reliable.

Undoubtedly we’re seeing more small retailers turning to cloud solutions and, in times like these, it’s no surprise. There’s no longer any need for the sort of capital investments that were required years ago, with a cloud hosted e-commerce package you’re free to just get online and get selling, even when cash is tight.

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