Cloud Computing: The Perfect Partner for Organic Growth

CloudWe all know that even with a good business plan, a great product and the right staff, there’s no guarantee that your business will be a success. Turning a small business into something flourishing is such a challenge that any growth is to be commended, but growing quickly doesn’t come without its drawbacks.

Many businesses start to take off after the first couple of years and all of a sudden are stuck with a problem: how do you manage the extra demand? Aside from staffing issues, the single biggest difficulty for most growing businesses is managing their computing. Websites get overcrowded, servers can’t cope with demand and things start to crash. Orders get lost, customers get frustrated and, eventually, you start losing money.

The decision then needs to be made: do you bank on investing in your infrastructure, splurging on new servers and maintenance contracts and hoping that demand continues to be good, or do you just try to get by and work as best as you can with outdated technology?

Well, there is another option. Cloud hosting is the perfect way to increase your computing capability without the need to make big capital investments in larger servers. A cloud computing package could transfer some or all of the overflow onto external servers, saving you the trouble of having to integrate a new server system into your existing set-up.

The beauty of cloud computing, and the reason it’s so effective for growing businesses, is that you don’t ever need to worry about size or capability. If, for example, your software is operating at its limits, all it takes is a phone call to upgrade your package and to give you the headroom you need.

Equally, if you find that in the course of growth, your business demand fluctuates periodically or seasonally, there’s no need to worry about having excess server space lying around unused. A tailored cloud hosting package could easily offer a system that matches roughly when you think you’ll need the most space.

Cloud computing can be a perfect way to plug the gap between old and new servers, but the flexibility of hosting at least a part of your IT system via a cloud really can’t be matched. Why invest in your own servers when the perfect set-up for your business’s web traffic is just waiting to be created?

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