Cloud Hosting Your Database

Companies that need to host large amounts of data, particularly if that data is confidential, often have real difficulties managing and securing it. Bulky self-managed servers sometimes just don’t do the job; they’re bulky, expensive and, if you’re a growing business or organisation, they very quickly run out of space. If you need to be storing large amounts of data easily then cloud hosting could be the way forward.

For small businesses and organisations a large amount of database information sits idle for a long time. Sports clubs, for example, usually keep membership information as a precaution, just in case there is ever an issue. Physical servers can be a real expense if they’re only accommodating low traffic and often a compact cloud package is a far better solution.

Many cloud providers also save you the hassle of backing up your data. Though we all try to get into the best habits possible, we have all forgotten to back up our data once in a while. This can be a massive problem and a great embarrassment for businesses when things go wrong. With a cloud hosted database you take no chances: you can just let your cloud provider do the work for you.

When you do need access, however, cloud servers are incredibly quick to bring up the information you need. Rather than being limited by your own networking, a cloud hosted database is accessible via nothing more than an internet connection. With a reasonable broadband service, the speed it takes to access a cloud database is barely noticeable.

Expansion is also a great problem for medium and large sized businesses, and your customers won’t just wait if you have server issues. If, for example, you run out of space to take on further customer registrations, it’s likely that your whole system will simply shut down. With a cloud there is always headroom to go above and beyond your existing sales.

Databases often feel a bit redundant to businesses, they need to be there but they don’t always achieve much when they are there! Why not take away the hassle of having to worry about database management yourself, outsource it to a cloud provider and let them do what they do best!?

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