Councils prefer cloud computing

Councils prefer cloud computingCloud computing seems to be really taking off in many different settings, with a recent poll by web developers Eduserv finding that out of the 139 council authorities questioned, 57.3% now use cloud computing as a way to manage themselves more effectively.

These have been changes in the past five years, showing just how much cloud computing has come into its own in recent years, and a third of councils have actually adopted it in the past three. Cloud computing in this way has seen to be an effective way to reduce costs, which in an economic environment such as the one we see ourselves in today, can only be a good thing.

Though councils have been called to account in the past about their inability to adapt to a changing environment, this poll seems to go against previous trends.

The survey found that the most popular form of cloud computing implemented within the councils was the usage of cloud applications. The benefit of this type of application for councils will be that they can stay online all the time, wherever they are, improving productivity as things can be logged as they go along, and meaning that less time has to be spent physically sat at a desk.

This then leaves more time for interaction and recording on the job, meaning that man hours are freed. The software is also much easier to keep up to date, ensuring that councils will not be working with outdated systems.

The second most used form of cloud computing was that of cloud hosting, allowing information to be shared quickly and efficiently between computers and other machines.

Finally, the third most popular usage of the ‘cloud’ was cloud storage, with 12.5% of councils saying that this was something they used. Cloud storage is a great way to store information in a cheaper way, particularly if the data stored is large, as with councils.

The moves are just a step in the direction of virtual hosting though, as 29% of councils admitted that they hadn’t used cloud computing for anything at all yet.

However, the results show that not only are the councils looking for more economically viable and time-efficient ways to work with technology, but they are also willing to move with the times and try something new.

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