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Five Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Web Developers

Cloud computing, and private cloud hosting in particular, is one of the latest technological trends organizations are adopting. Private cloud hosting closely resembles the local access networks model that many organizations relied on in the past. The private cloud evolved due to the need for a more secure and distinct cloud based model, as opposed to the public models that can be operated by different clients. Website developers, for example, are increasingly adopting cloud hosting due to the technology’s numerous benefits that include:

1. Enhanced Security

Although private clouds are also deemed as secure, the relative security of private cloud hosting is much higher. This is possible through the adoption of different techniques that include using unique pools of resources with restricted access connections. Thus, most web designers are more confident with using private cloud hosting that secures their data from unauthorized access.

2. Instant Updates and Testing

Web designers who use cloud hosting can update their tasks without any complications. It is also relatively easy to move applications on the cloud than to do the same thing with localized solutions. Those who want a purely development environment can take advantage of the separate-environment nature of the cloud to separate their designs from other applications. (2)

3. Scaling

With cloud hosting, scaling is relatively cheap. Thus, a designer who suddenly realizes that more infrastructure or greater software is needed to complete a project can easily scale up to the desired levels. This is very different from dedicated hosting that would take a lot of time and money to scale up.

4. Control

Every development tool needs to be in complete control of its work, and this is possible in cloud hosting. This is possible in private cloud hosting because the cloud applications can only be accessed by the client organization.

5. Reliability

Reliability of resources (such as servers) is necessary in any form of hosting, and cloud hosting ensures a high level of reliability because the network is resilient to individual problems within the physical infrastructure. For example, virtual partitioning enables unaffected servers to be isolated from the affected ones.

Due to this and other benefits, different businesses are adopting the use of cloud hosting services. According to a news report on InformationWeek, the U.S. is lagging behind the U.K. in cloud adoption. Interestingly, it is in the U.S. that most cloud developments are taking place.

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