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Five Pitfalls of Using Cloud Hosting for Web developers

The origins of cloud hosting can be traced back to the origins of the individual components of cloud hosting infrastructure. This is according to Gall’s Law: A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works. The cloud architecture consists of processors, storage components, networks, memories and a layer of management. Personal computers (PCs) evolved from the big mainframe computers of the early days, and technicians began to realize that networked PCs could offer huge virtual computing capabilities, and the cloud was born.

In the web development industry, developers are often faced with the question of whether or not to use cloud hosting.  While Virtual Internet is a proud evangelist for cloud computing, particularly Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) at which we excel ,we are also very aware of the risks and dangers of not carefully planning your migration to the cloud.

For this reason we have put together five pitfalls of moving to a cloud infrastructure.   In each instance, we can offset this risk with cheaper prices, mature infrastructure, stable systems, maniacal attention to security and a proud history of helping IT leaders complete successful migrations from on-premise IT to publically hosted cloud infrastructure.  If you manage an IT department here are some of the things you need to look out for…

1. Relatively high costs

Cloud hosting promises to be a cheap technology in the future, but that is not the case now. Web developers wishing to host their applications in the cloud will have to contend with higher prices that are usually synonymous with new technologies.

2. Stability

Tens of thousands of machines cannot be operate without potential stability issues. This is even more prevalent with designers who use private cloud hosting, since they may not have the necessary resources to stabilize their infrastructure and network.

 3. Security

Security, or lack of it, is still a major concern for most web developers using the cloud. The risk of identity theft is still there despite all the available cloud security measures. Most cloud service providers (CSP) will offer some guarantee on security, but the risk of unauthorized access is still there.

4. Inadequate knowledge and integration

Cloud hosting has attracted a lot of hype in recent times, but it is still a relatively new technology. As such, the industry does not yet have providers who are relay knowledgeable on this technology. At times, it is also challenging to integrate existing software into the cloud.

 5. Outages

For a web designer on the clock, few things are as frightening as realizing that some data cannot be accessed. Yet, outages cannot be completely wished away from cloud hosting.

But Wait…

Despite these challenges, the adoption of private cloud hosting (or cloud hosting in general) is still accelerating. Some technology analysts estimate that cloud hosting growth will represent 41% of IT revenue in the key technologies that comprise of infrastructure, platform as a service (PaaS), basic storage, servers, and applications.


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