KPMG Report Surge in Data Loss

MotherboardWe’ve all had that heart-stopping moment when the screen goes black or that server just vanishes and we fear for the worst. Data loss seems to becoming more and more of a problem in our daily lives and it’s no surprise; the sort of connectivity we demand and the number of devices we’re looking to synchronise has massively increased over the last five years alone.

If you needed conformation of the sort of problems that data loss causes modern businesses, analysts KPMG have released a report claiming that data loss for US Companies has increased by a massive 40% since just 2011. That surge has seen over a billion people affected and has caused massive reputation damage to the firms that have been affected.

Data loss is still a problem through the industry, but it can be tangibly reduced by spreading the risk. Just like backing up your data on a hard drive, cloud hosting solutions can both decrease the chances of you being hit by data loss, and increase the chance of you being able to continue in business if you are affected.

Using a cloud computing option to manage your data gives you, firstly, access to much more reliable servers than the traditional options for businesses which seem to break down almost periodically. On top of this, top cloud computing providers will have operations in more than one country. If there’s a problem with you UK outlet then somewhere in the USA will be your data sitting on a server.

For businesses who are dependent on their information systems to deliver to customers this sort of security is absolutely invaluable. Traditionally there was no other option: data loss could easily leave you turning down customers for a day, a weekend or even longer. This is both costly in revenue terms and can be a massive hit for your reputation.

With data loss on the up we’ll expect to see the number of businesses moving to cloud solutions increasing and, as cloud technology continues to develop, it’s highly likely we’ll see greater security and better reliability figures than the ones we’ve seen over the last few years.

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