Netflix Offers $100,000 Prize to Cloud Developers

netflix cloudComputing is one of the fastest moving industries in the entire world, and unlike cutting-edge manufacturing or scientific research, developments in computing are often way ahead of what is available to market. Development in the computing world has often moved on to the next phase before the previous one has even hit the shop floors and cloud hosting is no exception.

However, this innovation needs driving from somewhere and, normally, this comes from the consumers themselves. Internet based businesses recognise the requirements to have top-class and highly sophisticated IT services to compliment their product and, even if they’re not directly selling a product consumed over the internet, a great sales interface is essential.

One such company is Netflix, the online movie and TV retailer. Netflix runs its operations completely online and, unlike companies like Amazon or eBay, delivers its product over the net too. It was announced yesterday that Netflix will be offering a $100,000 dollar prize to developers who can improve the reliability, usability and quality of cloud computing solutions.

The prize will be split into 10 different categories, each carrying the handsome sum of $10,000 for the winner. The competition is to be judged by top names from Amazon, Thoughtworks and, of course, Netflix Cloud vice president, Yury Izrailevsky. Developers the world over are encouraged to compete and competition is sure to be stiff.

The great thing about incentives like this is that it spurs developments that, ultimately, filter down to the rest of the computing world. Technology is very quickly emulated and replicated online and, unlike many other sectors where serious capital investment is involved, areas like cloud computing run on a winning combination of brain power and some serious servers.

This is also great evidence that industry is prepared to pin its colours to the sort of advancements that cloud computing in general can offer. Netflix is well aware of the risks of server failures or data loss and is great to know that big business believes the future lies in cloud hosting.

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