Our ‘Cool’ New Colocation Solution – The Most Energy Efficient Datacentre In The UK!


Our Actual Colocation Datacentre

We’re proud to launch our new Central London Colocation solution in the most energy efficient datacentre in the UK.

Using some of the most sophisticated and modern cooling technology available on the market today, our datacentre is able to maintain an exceptionally low PUE of just 1.06, resulting in reduced cooling costs and carbon footprint by up to 90%, whilst at the same time ensuring servers are maintained and protected. 

Traditionally, datacentres have a PUE of around 2.0 meaning that half of the energy they consume is used to cool servers and equipment. But using a top-of-the-range cooling system allows energy usage to be dramatically slashed resulting in an energy efficient service that will help to support any company’s Environmental Policy.

Benefits of our new Colocation service include:

  • Save money on power – cut your cooling costs by to 90% with our highly efficient PUE of 1.06
  • Easy access whenever you need it – located conveniently in Central London with 24/7 easy access
  • Maximum uptime – innovative cooling system that can tightly control temperature and humidity even in the highest density rack configurations – keeping costs low and servers maintained and protected
  • High security – state of the art HD CCTV with motion detection, perimeter protection and bullet-proof isolated entrance guarded by SIA registered security staff 24/7
  • Safe from fire – environmentally-friendly, hybrid liquid nitrogen solution for fire suppression, which also acts as a backup cooling system
  • Fully populated rack potential – with up to 64A delivered to each rack footprint
  • Redundant power systems for added resilience – 2N + 2N power and distribution internally

We’re running an introductory offer right now of £999 for a Full Rack, 16A, 5TB, Tier III+, so don’t miss out and enquire for Colocation today!

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