Schools Ahead Of Business In Cloud Computing


A recent US study has shown that 40 percent of US schools are using the cloud for storage, but also for other applications too. These include conferencing, cloud collaboration and productivity tools. It turns out that the cloud is a crucial IT solution which is saving the education system a lot of money. They are getting far more bang for their… dollar.

Companies Lagging

US government is also making its transition to the cloud faster than many Global 2000 enterprises. This is something which should be addressed by CIOs as there is really no excuse not to use the cloud. The reasons stated by most companies for not using the cloud are still those nagging issue of security, particularly around sensitive information.

For the Global 2000 companies to even approach 40% cloud use within the next four years is an improbability. The figure is likely to be well under 10% by that time, and that’s for the more pioneering of the Global 2000 companies. The US government is also unlikely to adopt the cloud as quickly as hoped, however their ‘Cloud First’ initiative is a significant step, at least in terms of intention.

Fewer Funds = More Cloud-Leaning

Whilst businesses aren’t schools, they do share similar requirements, especially in terms of user interaction. Basic cloud computing, including office automation and storage are easily implemented for both schools and businesses and provide the same advantages. Interestingly, it seems that those organizations with the least amount of funds to spend on IT move more quickly to cloud computing thus benefiting from its strategic advantages as well as saving money.

Company bosses may want to consider that soon, their children will have a better understanding of basic cloud computing than a lot of their employees. Maybe it’s time to invest in a sound cloud strategy, whether it’s the implementation of a simple cloud storage solution or going further to implement cloud hosting and application hosting so as to move into the modern world.

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