Survey highlights feelings about cloud computing

open padlockWith cloud computing now such a hot topic, it is natural that the security of the cloud is called into question too. CA Technologies and the Ponemon Institute, an independent research company, have recently looked at the security of cloud computing organisations since 2013, surveying 748 IT and IT practitioners from the US who use these services, of whom 64% were at supervisor level or above. Though concerns do still exist about the security of cloud computing, the survey reveals that it seems that people generally have their minds at ease more than before.

The study was a follow up to a 2010 study, and showed that compared to the results from its earlier counterpart, companies have been working hard to improve the security of the cloud computing sector. Companies’ responses reveal that they are now more confident than ever that they are getting the right kind of security that they need. Many cloud companies are working harder than ever to make sure that they can provide better security for their customers and to make their cloud hosting more secure.

However, though the results were a positive build on 2010, the survey revealed that things still can be done. Only around half of those asked answered positively for questions involving cloud best security practices, such as vetting for security risk, and so some problems do still need addressing. Moreover, responses seemed mixed over who does actually have the authority over cloud security itself, and so it seems that customers are still keen for companies to reduce risk even more.

The chairman of the study still urges that companies do need to work harder, as though there are improvements since the original study, these are not as significant as may have been hoped, as the period was over two years. It seems that though the results are a move in the right direction, there is still plenty of room for improvement. The research company also commented that smaller businesses are the ones who perhaps benefit the greatest from improved security, as it may not be something they concentrate on greatly on an in-house level, and so cloud security is a great direction to head in.

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