The Myths of Cloud Computing

The Myths of Cloud Computing The idea of cloud computing can be difficult to get your head around and it’s usually only confused by the jargon that flies around the industry. Because you can’t physically see a cloud system and the aim is that you’ll never really notice it when its working properly, it’s hard to visualise what’s going on and it’s easy to get the wrong impression.


For example, we often hear that cloud computing isn’t secure and that confidential information could easily be hacked into. Though there have been isolated cases of data theft, cloud computing is by and large much safer than a traditional data centre.

Cloud service providers are absolutely intent on providing a secure service and the expertise that goes into securing a cloud system is absolutely cutting edge. Your data is far less likely to be damaged or stolen with a robust and heavily monitored cloud system than with a physical server.


Cloud hosting is often criticised for being unreliable and failing all too easily but, again, this is nothing more than a myth. Cloud servers can be affected by connectivity problems, but this true of any network that operates wirelessly.

Outsourcing your needs to a cloud provider allows you to tap into their specialist resources and their expert repair teams: without them you’re on your own. Dedicated cloud providers will be able to concentrate their full efforts on getting your network back up to speed whereas a centralised IT department will have to do it while balancing a whole host of other tasks.


This is all great, of course, but isn’t cloud computing extremely expensive?

Well, cloud computing is an up and coming market and, as with all new technology there are degrees of pricing. However, the right cloud computing package which makes efficient use data limits is unlikely to be much more expensive than your traditional server package in the long run.

Whereas you usually pay a one-off fee for physical servers and then perhaps a maintenance contract, you usually won’t end up paying so much upfront. Not only does this give you a cash advantage but it works out more economical over time: you never have to replace your personal cloud contract.

Cloud computing is much misunderstood but as it becomes a more mainstream way of doing business we’re slowly managing to dispel the myths…

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