Cloud Knowledge Could Boost Career Prospects

university computer labUniversity is a competitive environment these days; depending on which figures you use around 35% of the UK’s youth attend university every year and the sheer volume of people with top-class degrees is not necessarily supported by the job market.

However, the subjects of these degrees vary massively and while reading traditional subjects such as literature, classics and humanities are still extremely popular, we’re seeing a lot more people move into the applied and theoretical sciences such as computing.

Though most degrees give an extremely high standard of content, it’s more a case of learning how to reason, think critically and apply theoretical concepts to reality. When it comes to a discipline like computing, however, what you’re actually picking up is a distinct set of skill and the major employers in the computing industry are after exactly this.

Proficiency in photo editing for example is key for a lot of technical positions in marketing companies and, of course, the giants of the computing world are after programmers literate in many different languages. Computing is also about innovation, and an ability to see and solve problems intuitively is a massive boost.

The difficulty is that the computing world moves fast, and save from the traditional HTML the popular languages of twenty years ago are now very rarely used. Investing in the right tangible skills is key for computing graduates, and at the moment it looks like skills in cloud hosting are right up there with the best.

At present, emphasis on learning the theory and practice of cloud computing is coming from places like the USA and the Far East. Though universities in the UK are beginning to catch up, skills in cloud computing are still a reasonably modern phenomenon and could be extremely helpful when thinking about future career plans.

Cloud computing is still new to the technology world and the labour market is beginning to adjust itself. As we stand, however, expertise in cloud computing is very highly valued by companies and we expect that to only continue as cloud computing becomes more efficient, more understood and more commonplace.

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