Could ‘cloud computing’ become just ‘computing’?

Hands holding the cloudWhen someone talks about the cloud at the moment, they normally use it in front of a form of technology: cloud hosting and cloud servers to name a couple. But predictions suggest that while at the moment, we talk about ‘cloud computing’, in the not too distant future, that could just become ‘computing’.

Whilst the rate of adoption of the cloud has been impressive, there is evidence to suggest that soon adoption will accelerate at such a rate that it won’t be a question of whether or not a company uses the cloud, but just how they implicate it. Just as server has been dropped from the discourse of data management in the past, so could the cloud.

Shawn Kingsberry, CIO of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board suggested at a panel meeting on cloud computing earlier in the month, that in just three years’ time, there will be a ready-made assumption that the cloud is implicated in businesses. The implication being, that it will no longer be ‘if’, but ‘how’, as he added, there will be scramble to better serve customers’ needs.

Other companies have also suggested at the end of 2012 clunky names for services may be tightened up to create a more user friendly cloud. As users are often worried about the security of their information, having a more accessible and easily decipherable system may help the growth of the cloud itself.

Like anything, the more familiar people become with a system, the more comfortable they will feel using it. As the cloud becomes part of the vocabulary, or even becomes so integrated in it, it becomes synonymous with computing itself, people will also people more comfortable with the secure concept.

Predictions have also suggested that hybrid clouds may be next for growth. Rick Holgate, assistant director for science and technology and CIO of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, suggested that there will be a broader range of cloud services available in this area.

Though it is difficult to see into the future of the cloud, whatever the direction in which it moves, there is no doubt that it is set to grow, and become more and more a part of our everyday lives.

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