Hospitality Sector Looks to Cloud Computing

reception deskThe hospitality business has long been renowned as one of the toughest, fastest growing and highest pace environments around. Customers often spend huge amounts of money in one stay at a hotel or one visit to a restaurant and they really expect value for every pound they hand over. Not only that, but hospitality businesses often have extremely seasonal demand; even top restaurants find themselves packed out on Friday night but completely quiet by Monday.

Of course, essential to running a hospitality business is a solid computer system. Software packages need to applied and working in tandem on every computer in every venue to ensure guests’ orders and requests are catered for and above all that a big back-room is required to deal with the often chaotic staffing arrangements.

It’s no surprise, then, that these businesses are turning towards cloud computing to provide the IT solutions they need. Cloud is the most obvious way to get one software package out to anything between ten and one hundred different venues spread all over the country. The software is then delivered in real time, fully secured and properly backed up.

A massive benefit of working in this way is that customers can make use of things like loyalty schemes across chains. Rather than having a localised IT system, cloud hosting can be adapted to offer a hassle-free package that harmonises hospitality businesses, making sure that those important repeat customers are looked after time and time again.

Unlike physical servers, IT systems run through cloud are also primed to adapt to seasonal demand and changes throughout the week. Many cloud providers offer systems where, after a setting up fee, businesses pay for what data is used. This saves the inevitable costs of having high-end technology equipment lying around unused on those quiet days.

Fast paced service really needs fast paced computing to match it, and the hospitality sector is relying more and more on huge IT networks to ensure it keeps its customer base loyal. For some the cloud is a cheaper option, much more suited to the volume of IT services required, but for others it’s the only way of establishing the powerful and harmonious network needed to keep things turning over day-to-day.

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