Is Cloud on Cloud Computing the Future?

Cloud HostingAt the moment the idea sounds like something from Inception; a cloud computing system entirely hosted and run through cloud software. If you’re not familiar with the notion of cloud computing as it is, it can seem crazy to think that it’s possible to host an entire system in cyberspace, but it’s rapidly looking like that is going to be the reality for computer systems of the future.

How does it Work?

Though it sounds like it must cause some strange infinite regress, running a cloud hosting system on a cloud hosted system does seem to make sense. All that’s going on is that one set of physical servers creates one cloud which then acts as a host to more clouds, just like the very first one.

Customers can then subscribe to bits of that second, third or fourth cloud as and when necessary. Cloud computing doesn’t create any more space, you are still restricted to the data limits of your cloud-sourcing host, it just makes better and more efficient use of what’s available.

Has it hit the Market?

Multiple cloud computing is a relatively new phenomenon in the cloud world, but that is technologically speaking! Two years ago Nasa started looking into ways to create open-source cloud generation software which means anyone can run this own computer from a cloud.

Projects such as these have already received massive backing from big companies, but at the moment cloud on cloud computing is more or less neutral to the customer; it shouldn’t matter whether your cloud provider is running their cloud hosting software from a cloud or not, it ought just to integrate seamlessly.

Cloud on cloud computing might seem like science-fiction, but when it’s broken down it’s really much simpler than you’d expect. We’re likely to see multiple-cloud computing really coming into its own over the next few years and what started off as an experiment just two years ago looks like it might just be the future for the market.

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