Seamless Integration Key to Cloud Success

Cloud HostingThe truth about computing is that most of us really have very little idea how it works in theory. We’re all quite competent at using software packages and we’re happy to talk about the odd hardware fault, but when it comes to the nitty gritty of bytes, boards and bandwidth, most daily users of computers just accept whatever system they have.

As buyers, we’re usually a bit keener to discriminate between the various capabilities of different set ups. Businesses usually like to buy ahead of the market when it comes to processor power or server size, but above that it’s hard to know if you’re making the right decision on software, operating systems or even on things like cloud hosting if you’re not an expert on the subject.

Whereas the IT industry is quite comfortable discussing the technical specifics of any particular package, consumers only ever see the results. Take, for example, a cloud hosting package which allows users access to a remotely located database in just a matter of seconds. For the user, what matters is not how the process works, merely that they’re able to get the information they need in the time they want it.

For cloud providers, it’s this sort of integration that’s going to prove the key to success in the future. We’re at a stage in our development where computers are almost able to process actions quicker than we can think about them. Rarely are we left behind by keyboard lags and though we might complain about long start up times on some machines, we’re used to our computers working seamlessly with our thoughts.

The balance for businesses looking to make use of cloud computing is the often perceived trade-off between cost and speed. Cloud computing tends to be cheaper than hosting in-house, but it’s still thought to be slower in many cases. Though it’s true that cloud data is, to some extent, limited by the internet connection it’s attached to, cloud computing is becoming quicker by the day and the sort of lag free usage we expect is rapidly coming to fruition even in bigger cloud systems.

One day perhaps we’ll get to the stage where we’re all using the cloud without even knowing it. For the IT consumer, it’s the ability to produce quickly that really matters and there’s no reason why the much more cost effective solution of cloud hosting won’t be able to provide completely integrated data management in the years to come.

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