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With most businesses, there’s some sort of principal-agent relationship at work. It’s simply not possible to have all the expertise you need to make the right decision on any particular purchase, whether it’s a used car, premises or a computer system. Knowledge in the twenty first century is so extremely specialised that we almost depend upon the experts to make sure we’re being sold the right thing.

This relationship doesn’t stop there, of course, and it’s especially prominent in the technology sector. Even once you’ve bought your product, there’s still a massive onus on you to ensure it’s running properly and is actually functioning as described. When it doesn’t, it’s often the case that you simply can’t fix it yourself and you need to call in support.

This is particularly the case with cloud hosting, though it is possible to solve some local problems independently, much of the value of a cloud package is based around the support it offers. It’s no surprise that some suppliers are better than others at doing this, but how do you know that you’re investing in the right package?

The first thing you need is to ensure your support package is appropriate for your business hours and, in most cases, that’s 24/7. If you’re running online stores, systems which need overnight updates or even simple email clients, there’s a chance something could go wrong at any time. Having support there for you all day every day really is essential o ensure your business doesn’t lose out.

You also need someone who knows your business and knows the ways in which you work; that’s where the work for computers stops and the work for people begins. The best cloud hosting service packages will have people on the end of the phone lines who are both competent with technical matters and know how your particular cloud system works.

It can also be a massive bonus to have a single focal point for your cloud service. If you have access to a senior technical manager who can delegate your problems to the right place, your problems can often be solved in minutes rather than hours.

Making a decision to invest in a cloud package suddenly becomes a lot easier if you know you’re well backed up by a good support team. Wherever you’re buying, make sure you are getting round the clock assistance as standard; it makes all the difference to smooth operation.

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