Top Cloud Countries Revealed

surveyA report published by BSA Software alliance recently allowed an insight into the distribution of cloud usage across the world. So while many companies of all sizes are adopting the cloud for things like cloud hosting, which country came top of the survey for the highest ranking of cloud usage?

The survey, called a Global Cloud Computing Scorecard, looked at the overall data and analysed subjects such as security and privacy, as well as ICT readiness and the nation’s ability to support cloud computing growth. The survey looked at 24 countries, which make up 80% of global ICT market. Based on these criteria, technology giant Japan came out top, scoring 84.1, setting it quite far ahead of the nearest competition.

The four remaining countries in the top five were slightly closer: second was Australia, with 79.9, third the USA with 79.7 and the two runners up just short of the top three were Germany, with 79.1 and Singapore, with 78.5. Making up the top ten in order were France, the UK coming in seventh, Korea, Canada, and Italy.

The US moved up one space from fourth in the 2012 report, with Canada jumping 3, and Spain dropping out of a top ten position in 2012. Singapore made a massive jump from position 10 in 2012, to 5 in 2013, based mostly on a new privacy law that makes user protections greater. The UK made a steady 0.4 increase on the 2012 result.

The report found that data protection laws and security were particularly strong in the UK, rating within the high end of ‘good’, with large fines regularly enforced. Intellectual property laws are also in place. The plan to extend super-fast broadband to 90% of the population by 2015 was also something that the report found to be a great way to make the UK more able to support cloud computing services.

The scorecard also included case studies for the first time, looking at ways in which cloud computing has developed, both in positive and negative ways. These were addressed in the overall scores. The report took into great account privacy of cloud computing, as the policies which nations adopt very much affects the people of that countries response to the cloud: positive and ‘transparent’ regimes, as the survey report comments, means that users of the cloud are confident and will use it to greater effect.

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