US Navy implements cloud computing

US Navy implements cloud computingIt seems that in the current economic climate, more and more businesses are turning to the cloud for services such as cloud hosting and cloud data storage to cut costs and increase efficiency.

The US Navy announced plans last week to move over its publicly accessible information to cloud platforms, starting with the data that they deem as ‘low-impact’, mostly that which has already been released into the public domain, as well as function commands. However, in the future, the US Navy plans to move more of its information over, as long as it fits carefully monitored system guidelines, as this is the first moves of many towards a more efficient service.

The decision to move over information is one that will no doubt go some way to helping bring public opinion round to the idea of cloud computing. Although more and more people are starting to put the cloud to good use, a select number still have concerns over the safety and reliability of cloud computing, and such a high-profile organisation such as the US Navy can only be good in terms of increasing public appeal and lighting the way for the cloud.

The innovative move comes also as rumours have been circulating that the CIA are in talks to create a cloud to suit the agency, so it seems American services are looking to sharpen up their data storage and bring things bang up to date. The public information portal of the US Navy is already hosted on the cloud, and due to the success of this, they have decided to move more of its information over in a similar fashion.

One of the Navy’s main reasons for moving information over to the cloud is to save money. Having a $5 billion budget cut means that they are looking for easy ways in which money can go further, and the cloud is one of the ways that this can be done.

A spokesman for the US Navy said that they didn’t have the same resources anymore, and that by FY15 it aimed to half systems and applications in line with this resource cut back. With many more countries around the world feeling budget cuts and a squeeze on their spending, could this be the first of many public services to be moved over to the cloud?

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