Is Boxed Software a Thing of the Past?

Adobe Creative SuiteThere used to be something really exciting about having to go and physically buy software. A trip down to your local PC store and a quick scan of the system requirements preceded the arduous process of watching the installation bar crawl across the screen as the CD whirred away in the background. This process has, of course, become considerably quicker in recent years, but it remains pretty similar; whether you use a CD, you purchase a download from the App store or you buy your software from a third party retailer it generally ends up on your PC, taking up disc space and processor power.

Major software producer Adobe, however, has started to set the precedent in times of real technological change. The popular Creative Suite, a must have for many creative industry professionals, is soon to be only available through cloud services. Though Adobe will be providing their own cloud hosting platform for the software, it goes to show that the big players in the software game are rapidly moving away from traditional software models.

On an individual scale cloud hosting makes sense, and for many freelance creative professionals saving on server costs through adapting to a cloud platform could be the difference between building a successful business and struggling for cash. Software set-ups like this one will easily integrate with existing cloud hosting services that professionals might have; Creative Suite could easily be run remotely to compliment an online store, for example.

Equally, it goes to show that for larger businesses, the difficulties and expenses that local networking can cause are starting to make less and less sense. There is no need for a firm of designers, for example, to have a CAD programme installed each time on every machine. By running the software in a virtual cloud it can easily be updated, manipulated and repaired.

The flexibility of cloud solutions also means that software can be run on a subscription basis, saving costs for those wanting a less-than-standard software platform. It’s here that cloud hosting service providers can really work their magic, adapting a cloud to function with seasonal demand, multiple desks and numerous software packages all aggregated into one.

The big players in the software market are starting to harness the power of the cloud and it could well mean the end of boxed software. Still, with all the cost savings and flexibility cloud-based software has to offer, why would you opt for an off-the-shelf software package?

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