Universities Collaborate on Cloud Computing Project

Imperial College LondonThe phrases ‘hi-tech’ and ‘state-of-the-art’ get thrown around a lot in the technology world but very often they don’t really mean a great deal. Even the lowest end laptop you can buy in the UK today is relatively hi-tech by global standards. However, in the cloud computing world, these phrases really do have a place. The potential of cloud hosting hasn’t yet really been realised by businesses and it’s a marketplace that’s growing extremely fast.

Though the focus of cloud providers is always client service, the future of what providers are able to offer is going to be determined by the research which is being undertaken at the moment. Quality research should, in theory, lead to quality offerings that will eventually find there ways to consumers.

Because of this, Imperial College London along with three other universities and big business names around the world have set up what is to be known as Harness – that’s the Hardware and Network Enhanced Software Systems for Cloud Computing – a research collaboration group to maximise what can be done with cloud computing at present.

The research is focused on expanding the possibilities of cloud provision, including integrating with things like field programmable gate arrays, enhanced and developed graphics processing units and rapidly developing hardware such as solid-state disks. At present, cloud hosting systems are slowly becoming able to deal with such innovations and the Harness group has been established to try and speed up the process.

For cloud providers, this sort of research package is great news. It shows that the sort of innovations that make technology move forward and markets grow are really being put into place. Massive research support such as this shows that the finest minds in the computing world are keen to invest their time in project like cloud computing and it’s real evidence that it’s the way of the future.

For the consumer, it’s even better news. The sort of cost savings, energy savings and efficiency savings that can come through the use of things like solid state disks and enhanced graphics units are starting to be combined with more and more powerful clouds, meaning that the efficiency improvements are two-fold. All in all, it means a better deal for businesses looking to move their resources into cloud computing.

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